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Egypt Symbolically Punished by FIFA For Attack on Algerian Players


Six months after the incidents in Cairo, FIFA finally came up with its sanction against Egypt. FIFA’s delay in sanctioning Egypt was difficult to understand knowing FIFA officials were already in Cairo to monitor the way Egypt organised the Algerians’ stay in Cairo. From the delay in issuing the sanctions one could have rightly presumed FIFA was in no hurry to apply its rules: Egypt gets away with light sanctions.

Here’s FIFA’s statement:

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee, chaired by Marcel Mathier, decided today, 18 May, in Zurich to impose a ban on the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) whereby the “A” representative team of Egypt will play the first two home matches of the preliminary competition for the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil™ at a location at least 100 kilometres away from Cairo.

In addition, the EFA will have to pay a fine of CHF 100,000. The FIFA Disciplinary Committee took this decision after determining that the EFA had failed to take all the necessary security precautions to ensure the safety of the Algerian delegation, as well as security and order in the Cairo International Stadium for the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ qualifier between Egypt and Algeria held on 14 November 2009.
The FIFA Disciplinary Committee noted in particular that the Egyptian FA had not adopted the necessary measures to prevent the assault on the bus of the Algerian delegation on the way from the airport to the hotel on 12 November 2009. In addition, the bus windows were smashed and four members of the Algerian delegation, including three players, were injured.
It was equally noted that security and order in the stadium were not guaranteed, as an excessive number of spectators were granted access to the stadium and the entrances and stairways were obstructed. Furthermore, at the end of the match, the bus of the Algerian delegation was detained for over 45 minutes.
With regard to the play-off match between Algeria and Egypt held in Sudan on 18 November 2009, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee determined that the conditions for opening disciplinary proceedings had not been met and therefore decided to close this matter.

What happened back then?

Well, as FIFA confirms it, to understand you need listen to the Algerian version of events:

Egypt Vs Algeria is always a passionate North African derby but that November match was even tenser as it would determine who would qualify for the World Cup. Algeria was top of its group with a two goals advance over Egypt (despite being disgracefully robbed of two additional ones during the Rwanda game). Having also been beaten 3-1 in Algeria, the Egyptians really hoped to get back at Algeria. On the internet Egyptian fans promised Algerian players to make their stay hell in Cairo. Declarations from Mr Samir Zaher, president of the Egyptian FA, did nothing to diminish Egypt fans’ virulence against Algeria.

The Egyptian hooligans’ threats to make the Algerian players’ stay in Cairo Hell turned true: After leaving the airport, the Algerian national team bus was cowardly attacked with rocks by Egyptian fans while the Egyptian police looked on (Egypt is a police state in a permanent state of emergency, no disorder happens, especially near the international airport, unless the government wills it…). Three players were injured. To add insult to injury, Egyptian police officials denied that Algerian team members were hurt, saying security troops overpowered local fans who tried to throw stones. The Egyptian media accused the Algerian players of having injured themselves while at the same time videos of the attack filmed by a French tv channel (canal+) and another by a player inside the bus was circulating on the internet….

Surprisingly, FIFA did not apply its rules regarding violence on players and demanded the Algerians play at the time and day it was originally scheduled. Should the injured players been Europeans, you can be sure sanctions would have been taken right away…

In those appalling conditions, Algeria lost 2-0 to Egypt and was forced to a playoff in Sudan, a playoff Algeria won. After the loss of their team, an Egyptian personality found no other way to return home fast than calling an Egyptian TV channel asking live for help from the Egyptian government, asking for planes to be get them home as soon as possible as they were supposedly attacked by armed mobs of Algerian fans…Although these outrageous claims were denied by both Sudan security (there were 15000 security officers, one for every two supporters!) and Egypt’s medical official in Khartoum.
All those claims, with images of Egyptian businesses being ransacked in Algiers, being relayed in the media angered Egyptians and it was not safe being Algerian in Egypt; Reports of Algerian citizens being attacked or harassed (even by Egyptian officials) were numerous. Algerian students had to abandon their studies and leave the country. Egypt’s President Mubarak, whose mouthpiece Al Ahram newspaper contributed to the Egyptian hysteria, exploited the situation in a populist fashion and recalled his ambassador from Algeria. His son joined in too, threatening Algeria…

Egyptians being manipulated:

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  • abd

    Thank you for the post Omar, lest we forget what these traitors did to us.

  • Bahaa

    Shame on you Omar…. It’s because of articles like this one from ekshrook biased unrealistic fantasy facts that ignorant people like abd get thier ignorant hate shame on you again….. You forgot to mention the 12 algerians that were killed in Cairo ….. Pathetic. I’m sure you’ll delete my post in a minute I don’t care as long as you read it…… Shame on you

  • DZMouloudiaMCO


    Omar is just stating facts, cold facts, what’s on his post that you do not like, Not sure if you did not get the memo, but our bus got attacked, players were injured, and you guys denied the whole thing and we just don’t appreciate that.
    All the youtubes are real? even the one where the Egyptian journalist is claiming our players fabricated the whole thing, what do you want from us?? want us to say, nothing happened, tab tab alikoum???
    Sorry bahaa, i like you but we are just not over your shameful acts,

    SHAME ON YOU AND SHAME ON FIFA for not slapping you with the appropriate sanctions.

  • Uthman


    hi there…sorry buddy. but the article is just about facts…but maybe im wrong!! can you tell me which facts are unrealilstic fantasy?? as i know, everything omar worte realy happened….so whats wrong with that one???

    hoenstly, the punishment is a joke and egypt got lucky….well FIFA spoke, and we should let it go….i guess the embaressment for some egyptians after deniying facts and calling us liers is much bigger the the fifa sanction….in one sentence:

    Zaher made a big joke of you guys….egypt punished and destroyed its image itself.

  • Bahaa

    First of all most you know that I said the attacks were cowardly and shameful and a black eye for Egypt ….. You also know that I have said on more than one occasion that the cowards who did it desrve to be locked up. I have also said that was in my opinion anyway worse than the attacks was the denial that anything happened.
    Shameful attacks took place in Cairo were these attacks exagerated of course they were and so were the injuries small scratches that could have been treated with a band aid were allowed to bleed for dramatic affect. There was FIFA observers on the ground no one reqiured going to the hospital or were unable to play in a game a day later….. What I’m saying is to make this out to be much bigger than it is feeds small ignorant minds like the abds of the world. There is bias in every part if the article Omar mention two goals in rowanda without mentioning a penalty in the 8th minute of extra time disallowed goals against Zambia ….. I’m just saying it’s not as clear cut as he makes out to be….. How about the attacks in Sudan saying nothing happened is as ignorant as the Egyptians that say nothing happened in Cairo ….. Were the events in Sudan exagerated as well of course they were bur dome attcks fid happen nazim I know you say the video of the bus attack in Sudan it happened…. It didn’t happen in Algeria so hour federation can’t be held responsible but your citizens can and should be held acountable at least by you guys you are are very smart educated and honestly very impressive young men….. Omar your words help feul people like abd… Guys what is the difference between the sanctions today against Egypt and the sanctions against Algeria in 2001 ? FIFA has dealt with both violent acts the same way…… I am ashamed of what happened in cairo there is no excuse for but mets not pretend it all started there that’s all I’m saying …..

  • L’algerienne


    I do agree with what you had to say, afterall, this is one of those back and forth things between algeria and egypt. You can blame echourouk all you want, and I will agree with you, they came out and said that 12 people died and that was a complete lie. I do admire you for taking full responsibility for what happened in Cairo and not denying it like Alaa Mubarek the moron and his followers like Zaher.

    However Bahaa, my friend and I can not sit here and agree with you saying that our players let their wounds bleed out…because frankly I am not a doctor and I don’t believe you are one either, they took a couple blows to their head and if the cuts were that small, they would not bleed like that on 5 minute bus ride. Yes, alhamdoulillah, it wasn’t so bad that they couldn’t play the next day, but the trauma was big and I think deep down inside you do see that.

    Regarding the fifa sanctions, I know most algerians are not happy, but come on, we went from “fabricators” to actual victims of terror, that within itself should be enough, no money in the world can compensate for the blood of our players but the egyptian image has been shaken and that should be enough…we have been heard so let’s move on…don’t put a $$$ value on it.

    Bahaa, what I fear the most is about to happen, FIFA has succeeded in showing both nations that you can terrorize all you want since you will only get away with it with a slap on the wrist. That scares me as I fear for algerian in egypt and egyptians in algeria…rabbina yestor

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    very interesting Egyptian prospective from the Moron Amro Adeeb

    starting at 5:20

  • L’algerienne

    There honest men in egypt, who just like Bahaa, condemened what happened in Cairo. Listen to what this man has to say:

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    You guys can hear Zaher contradicting him self like 5 times, what a clown.

  • Bahaa

    I agree with you l’argeriene. The people who deny anything happened just make themselves look stupid. Honestly just like the people who still deny anything happened in Sudan . Abd yes I’m nit a doctor but I have been injured in my head several times if the injuries were serious no way they wound have been cleared to play no way. Alhamdulah it wasn’t serious but honestly it’s besides the point even if no one was injured the attacks were shameful and they were punished exactly the same way FIFA has punished Algeria a few years ago. What I’m asking Omar not to do is the sane thing ekshorook did and use these pictures and articles to inflame people. Let’s not over dramatize this. It was done by 80 million people it was a couple of ignorant thugs…… I was born here in DC but I’m 100% percent Egyptian and i can’t support the USA vs Algeria even though I’m American as well…. If I met any of you I’m 100% sure we would be good friends except for abd I would knock his bitchass out… Lol what I’m saying is let’s nit let what a few iliterate idiots did have this much power over us and for the people like Omar who can help either cool things down or inflame them with the stroke of a keyboard please try and be responsible because for every kazi and uthman and nazim and um Fuad who can read and judge responsibly there are ignorant people like Abd who are looking for an excuse to hate……

  • Bahaa

    *it wasn’t …….. sorry typing on my iPhone

  • L’algerienne

    DZmouloudia, wow, what a video…fdah rouheh el hmar…silimia ki deyra, wallah la kafi, beyna fi 3ainih.

    Bahaa, I believe some good egyptian people were victims to Zaher’s lies…that guy needs to pay for what he put Egypt through. He should be fired, he could not even defend or even explain himself.

    As for you being a good friend to us, I do believe you and you don’t need to explain yourself to someone like me, however, Bahaa, Omar was just talking about evidence the way it was presented to FIFA and the sanctions to egypt (although very minimal) have proved that our players did not fabricate or lie about what happened to them. Whatever he posted did not get me fired up and I am 100% algerian, but what did fire me up was zaher’s fabricated movie and lies. I hope you understand that.

  • abd

    I had an ample response to your vulgarity Bahaa, but I think Omar found it too strong worded and decided not to post it.The second time this has happened. Yet I am bemused how your posts are allowed.
    My hate towards your kind runs deeper then this football game. What happened before November the 18th was no more then an assurance, that decent Egyptians no longer exist. And if they do I have never met one of them!

  • Dareen

    awww FIFA is so biased toward Egypt cause the FIFA headquarters are located in Cario and poor Algeria should have been paid some money for the emotional damages they encountered.

  • DZmouloudiaMCO

    The fact that the whole world knows hiw you guys treat your guests is enough, on the other hand, you guys got the punishment you deserved in Sudan and I am talking about the field;)
    Darden the whole blog
    knows who you are, just another sore loser;)
    As for money, my friend you are talking about a country that has 160 billion dollars sitting in the bank a country that is debt free my friend, compare that to you know who;)
    Again, it’s only going to get worst by June, how about you cry me a river;)

  • http://canada hacen

    finally, this long episode came to the end (plus or minus)
    i am happy FIFA didnt put more oil to the fire
    and i hope this will be a lesson for us, and i hope what i am reading for more violence does nt happen
    please guys forget , forgive and move on
    this is just sport
    so now at 25 days to the big party , let s
    concentrate for the big show to honor our Arab and African brothers
    i always remember and enjoy this big moment

  • Kazi

    Enough about this mess.
    We need to move on, and a way to do it is by answering this question:

    What do you think is currently the best Maghrebian 23 at the current moment?

  • DZmouloudiaMCO

    Really do not care about honoring Africans or ARabs for that matters, I only care about honoring ALGERIA.

  • Sami

    Thread closed.

  • Slimshady

    The FIFA sanctions are an insult to our inteligence and a disregard to the Algerian nation. If the Egyptian players had attacked a European coach in the same way, all hell would have broken loose from the FIFA gang of Sep Blatter. When Grobbelaar was injured by a stone from the Egyptian thugs, FIFA reacted promptly and Egypte had to play the qualifiers in another country. One player that is.
    OK Algerians let’s move on, but never forget how much Egyptians hate us. In the future if we play in Egypte and any sport we must obtain written guarantee from Egyptian authorities , FIFA, and CAF that our players and supporters are not going to be attacked and if they are, we boycot the match and boycot anything to do with Egypte.
    Now we know the true colours of our so called brothers, how hypocrite and deceitful they can be, let’s not trust them for anything again. Let’s boycot any event that takes place in Egypte.
    About the Egyptian person who said there are 80 million of them and they are not all like that, yes I agree, you must find the few, and I knew some good Egyptians myself in European countries but to be honest, 60% of the Egyptians I knew are decitful and people you can’t trust. This is only my personal statistics and what happened to our players reinforces it especially the bare faced lie stating that it was self inflicted this adds arrogance to the hypocrisie.
    In sudan nothing hapened and FIFA (Egypt’s ally) has dismissed it for lack of evidence. It breaks my heart that still some egyptians are talking about it.
    The egyptian media has not just brainwashed the people, it brain emptied them.
    Your evedence aginst ours, you have none that can convince, we have plenty. The game of incriminating the victim and victimising the criminal is one of the oldest Egyptian tricks in the book, to be accurate (7000 years old).

  • Kazi

    Omar, this is getting ridiculous. Close comments now.

  • Sami

    This whole incident is for Hosni Mubarak to allow the smooth transition of his son. Algerians inciting hatred are actually helping Hosni Mubarak to the detriment of Egypt. Egyptians inciting anti-Algerian hatred are helping a family more concerned with holding on to power than with doing what is in the interest of the people and the nation. Do you think the Mubaraks were thinking about football or being opportunistic?

    So internalise that and act accordingly.

    Other thing is inciting hatred is a terrible thing to do and on a par with ‘namima’ – you are literally poisoning your own heart and the hearts of others. the damage to yourself is not easy to undo. Let alone anything else that occurs as a result.

    Algerians are still waiting for the egyptian government to apologise. Not going to happen, quite the opposite – it is in their interests to prolong the conflict as long as possible. So if you want to boycott Egyptian businesses – go ahead, thats a personal matter – you’re free to spend your money any way you want, but leave it at that. Algerians are quick to anger, and usually quick to forgive. Inshallah khair.

  • Bahaa

    Ok now you guys are being hypocrites……. The sactions against Egypt for not securing the Algerian players against a handfull of ignorant shamefull thugs is exactly the same as the sanctions against Algeria for the violence displayed by their fans DURING a internationally telivised game stopping the game for several minutes…… Sami I’m surprised by your comments it has nothing to do with mubarek…… Enough with the ignorant conspiracy theories. The sanctions are exactly the same as the ones placed on Algeria for attacks that happened not only against the players bus but also during the game….., how that game was allowed to go on is still a mystery….. Perhaps it was an Algerian government conspiracy…… Guys don’t fall for the propaganda the attacks as shameful as they were, were not as bad as the Algerian media and the Algerian players made them out to be…… There were FIFA observers there on the ground unless you guys think they were lying Egyptians as well….. This sad. Episode is over you are in the world cup you have the last laugh so get over it…… To ask fir more severe sanctions against Egypt than the algerians got for a much more severe incident is just hypocritical…… Who knows maybe your correct perhaps if the Egyptian team that was attacked in Algeria was European the game would have been cancelled of forfiet and played in another location abd the sanctions would have been more severe likewise if the attacks in Egypt were against euro players perhaps the sanctions would have been more severe the bottom line is its relative we are not a euro team you are not a euro team so our punishment was exactly the same anyone who disagrees is being a hypocrite…

  • Bahaa

    Yes Omar you might want to close the comments on here…… You see like I said your article has brought out the ignorant bigots and inflamed things…… Read Hany’s post very objective not biased at all doesn’t inflame ignorant hateful little people lays blame completely on the Egyptians without all the drama and emotion……. At the end you guys have achieved the biggest upset in the world cup the most surprising qualification in the entire tournament be proud enjoy the ride and get over thus bitterness….. Enough hypocrocy

  • Sami

    We’re talking about different things. Violence was one thing, calling algeria, ‘bliaad millioun khanazeer’ and ‘nisaahom fi-shawari3′ is different.

    Thats what I meant about proportionality. egyptians come back with ‘algerian meida is just as bad’.

    Really? Just as bad? Really believe that do you?

    Find me a clip or quote where algerian state media called egyptian women prostitutes or egyptians a nation of pigs. That is UNACCEPTABLE in any country. And still you persist with this line of Ok – you did wrong, we did wrong. 7asibny ki 3aduwak, wa-akhuth min nii kil akh.

    Lets state things as they are, I mean I don’t care either way – I have no stake in the outcome of this matter either way, but don’t tell me white is black and black is white. My wife is syrian and I can tell you her family were horrified by the way the egyptian media spoke about algerians. you made the whole arab world support us.

    You’re surprised by my coments – Ok, don’t know quite what to do about that, but Mubarak did fan the flames, and yuo’re naive to think otherwise. He sat with his kid and advisors and looked at how they could profit from the situation with cold, caluclating, cynicism. You, go with algerian team – we have big business there – you, say you want to kill them. I’ll speak in barlamaan.

    Otherwise he was wearing his Zamalek sweater saw the tomato ketchup on the algerians and spontaneously ran to parliament as fast as his stubby legs could carry him to speak out against this outrage… please.

  • Sami

    Anyway – who cares. All a waste of time. Damage done, lets move on.

  • Bahaa

    Yes mubarek may have taken advantage of the opportunity like any other dictator would….. but to imply that this was one big goverment conspiracy is just naive and ignorant….. Sami regardless of what you may think the Egyptian media is relatively free as long as they don’t cross the line abd critsize the goverment too much….. In Egypt we have a major rabid media market rabid I tell you….. I heard many Algerian tv personalities abd news personalities insult Egypt and Egyptians just as disgustingly haramaya masralie agents fir isreal Sami you have to look at both sides we have a much bigger media outlet so yes the insults coming from Egypt were much more accessable perhaps you just decide not to see what was said by your media I don’t know…… Enought with this poor Algeria was attacked by big bad Egypt that’s not the case there is mud on both our hands all you have to do is read hany’s post and omars post and see which side is not moving on…….. I went to watch the game with a bunch of Algerian and morroccan friends do you know what the dj had on after the game a song singing elmasraweya elharameya and welad el rakasa so please enough with this self riteous inocent algerians…. The place was full of Arabs from all over before the end of the game even the neutral observers were all waving palastinian Saudi camerooinian flags supporting Egypt …… The disgusting behavior if your fans made everybody support Egypt including all my wires morrocan family…. I know it’s easier for you to say your right and we are wrong but that’s not the case there is ugliness on both sides the sanctions were fair abd exactly the same thing you got….. Your media is just as disgusting as ours the difference us ours is much bigger …… Did you see what amr adeeb said about the Egyptian team after thru lost to the USA he called them negeseen on thr phone talking directly to them we have a relatively free rabid media that’s how they make their money if you like I can post hus comments yo the egypt team after the USA game to show u it’s not about Algeria that’s what he foes fir a living

  • L’Algerienne

    Okay, let’s all take a deep breath here. I do agree with my fellow Algerians, the sanctions were very minimal however there is a good point about them: We have been heard. Bahaa, we were right all the time, our players did get attacked by your people, in your country and the incident was not only captured by algerian media, but also english, german and french media. I do believe you will agree with that one since you did believe that it happened. The players had nothing to exaggerate and FIFA saw that, hence, the sanctions were ordered. Zaher lied to you and your media over everything and now he’s lost in his own words. Omar is not a hypocrite for posting videos of real attacks that happened in Cairo. The stupid reporter above only proved how ignorant she was and unfortuantely a lot of reporters in egypt saw things the way she did.


    Egyptians (the people) were victims to lies introduced to them by their media as a result of a hadnfull of lies that Zaher and other reporters as well as Alaa Mubarek (yekhreb bit elli weldeteh) produced. They are only following their leaders because they trusted them. FIFA, no matter how easy they were on them, still proved not only to us and the rest of the world but also to egyptians in Egypt, that our players were victims of violence, foulplay, lies and conspiracy. Most honest egyptians can not live with that, they have too much pride and I believe they will have Zaher prosecuted. I hate Amr Adeeb, but he was right in the video above. However, as a reporter he shouldn’t have to wait for the likes of Zaher to tell him if the bus was attcked or not. So he takes Zaher’s words over the videos and the evidence. They both looked like fools.

    Let’s all put this behind us and move on. Bahaa, I know that Algerians have had their fair share of insults but they are just a response to what your leaders, actors, and important people have said about algeria.

  • L’Algerienne


    I do remember once I asked my husband why Alaa had it for Algeria, and why he was involved in the situation and not his dad (current president, he told me that “he is an idiot 3aiz yekseb koloub el ness we di forcetoh el mogheffel” so the more hate he shows to algeria the better his ratings will be for the upcoming elections….just an info I wanted to share with everyone…I don’t think it’s a gov conspiring against our players, but Alaa is enjoying all because it is helping his career the bastard.

  • abd

    Bahaa, as you put it the egyptian media is much more bigger and advanced compare to the Algerian. It therefore was able to reach out to more people then the Algerian media. But the difference here is that the only 5 Algerian channels are directly state controlled! Therefore what every they say directly reflects the general attitude of the ruling government. Logically they had a very diplomatic approach towards this “Tragedy between 2 Arab brothers”. If I am wrong about this point, then prove me so. I kindly ask you to provide any video of an Algerian television channel insulting epygt in anyway!

    The egyptian general public where brain washed! they reminded me of the American general public before the Iraqi war, how they where 100% sure the Iraqi people where enemy number 1. But they soon realized they where tricked and the media played on their emotions.

    If anything you will probably mention El chourouk, the newspaper that ignited all this hate from Algeria’s part. But what is echourouk compared to the more influential newspapers like EL-Moujahid, El watan, El khabar, and El heddaf!!

    I also remember buying one of the first Echourouk prints. They had a full report on the Suez war, and they had one of their journalists went to egypt and talked to the Egyptians about this war, if any thing to was all about positive Egyptian Algerian relations. Fast forward 3 years, and they are one of the culprits in this affair. As an Algerian I condemn the false reported killings in Cairo, there where assaults on Algerians but not to the extent of death. Nor where there any deaths in Khartoum!
    But what the Egyptian media did, dwarfs what echourouk did, based on the shear amount of influence they have and the ugliness of there speech. There is a difference reading about a death, then to some one telling you to go kill all Algerians in Egyot!!

  • Bahaa

    No l’argeriene I have to respectfully disagree with you. The Algerian media started stacking Egypt long before any actors or media personalities said anything. I’m not calling Omar on anybody else a hypocrite for saying attacks happened. They happened anyone who disputed them was a donkeys ass…. I’m calling them hypocrites fir wanting more severe sanctions against Egypt for thier attacks than were given against Algeria in 2001 for their attacks against Egypt …… We can sit here abd say our media responded to your no our media responded to your all day…. The bottom line is both medias have mud on their hands both media were ugly for every filthy comment you can find said by an Egyptian I can find one by an Algerian …. There is no inocent party here and the implication that Egypt and egypts media are the culprits is nothing more than Algerian media propaganda ……. Some Egyptian thugs attacked the Algerian bus the Egyptian security did a pathetic job and we were sanctioned exactly the same way Algeria was sanctioned for the shameful attacks against the Egyptian players bus and the attacks during the game…… To try and imply the attacks against the Algerian team are somehow more significant than the attacks against the Egyptian team in 2001 is completely hypocritical

  • Bahaa

    Abd you have insulted me personally and Egypt as a whole in an ignorant bigoted manner you have even insulted a respectful ALGERIAN married young lady bent nas for the crime of marrying an Egyptian muslim you have insulted an Algerian brother because he is half Egyptian ….. You wanted algerian citizens who happen to have a parent from another country off your team….. I will not debate a bigot like you your heart is full of hate and nothing I say will change that…… If you are a young man I hope your grow out of it fir your childrens sake……. Go read eshrook if you want to see attacks against Egypt…….

  • Bahaa

    The algerians that burned and attacked Egyptian business in Algeria were also brainwashed…. But you will only see one side you have blinders on…….

  • Bahaa

    Elsherook hAs a bigger circulation than all those pappers you mentioned combined…….

  • Bahaa

    I don’t want to get into who is worse who started it the bottom line is there was ugliness on both sides…… If we keep trying to prove who was the victim we will get no where….. Abd just remember how the algerians took egypts back in London and how the Algerian handball team was treated when they arrived in Egypt ….. In other words we are bigger than this petty crap…. Let’s not allow the media to manipulate us and let’s not allow the people who Really hate us to laugh at us……. Abd if you saw an Egyptian boy or man or woman being beaten in Europe or where ever you live would you not help them??? I know I would come abd help an Algerian tuniasian Syrian or anybody infact…. I hope your not really the way you have portrayed yourself….

  • Kazi

    Guys, end it now. For the sake of the people who were hurt, end this. Seriously, it’s only going to get worse if we carry on arguing about it.

  • L’Algerienne

    I agree this should end right now. The funny thing is that we do that to one another but deep down inside we have each others’ backs as muslims especially when others try to mess with either one of us….hence algerians vs english for egyptians’ sake….lol We are too much alike that is why we clash…

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    Eventually, Egyptian teams will have to come to Algeria, and as an Algerian, i really think we are not obligated to provide them with the same security, they were given past june ( Helicopters flying over head, and dozens of police cars) one pick up truck and two motorcycles would do the job, its called reciprocity. In the worst case scenario, we will have to move the games to Annaba or Oran, and what’s a SF100,000 to the FAF.
    Someone is going to tell me, how about our teams in Egypt? ill tell HIM, our teamS are going to be Mistreated, regardless of our treatment of the Egyptian teams here in Algeria.

    Maybe if we give them a taste of their own medicine, they will learn not to …… with us again, I am only going to extremes, because most Egyptians still think nothing happened in Cairo, and the moderate ones, think that the Algerian exaggerated the severity of the attacks.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    A for the severity of the sanction.

    العقوبات لم ننتظر أن توقعها الفيفا أيها الإخوة وقعناها بأنفسنا يوم 18 نوفمبر و كانت أكبر من قاسية.

    العقوبة وقعها عنتر ين يحي بصاروخ أرض – أرض فاقت سرعته 100 كم في الساعة.

    العقوبات أيها الإخوة لا تتمثل في عدم اللعب في استاد القاهرة مبارتين أو 20 مبارة إنما تتمثل في عدم اللعب في استادات جنوب إفريقيا 2010.

    العقوبات لا تتمثل في مبلغ 100 ألف فرنك فرنسي ،إنما تتمثل في القضاء على حلم اللعب في حضيرة الكبار.

    و اللي ماهوش مقتنع بهذا العقوبة فليذهب إلى يوتوب ليرى بكاء الغندور و أشباهه ، فليذهب لمشاهدة عويل الحضري بعد ملحمة أم درمان، فليعد مشاهدة القنوات و هي تبث صراخ الفنانين عوض الاحتفال كما كانو يجهزون لذلك…….

  • DZMouloudiaMCO


  • hicham

    yes please. lets just end this. l’algerienne put it right. it’s because we are alike that we clash a lot.

    Im honestly satisfied with the sanctions. Im humanly against excessive human punishment. Im not looking for egypt’s torture or whatever (and Im speaking as a full algerian here). it’s the symbol that counts in my book.

    egypt lost on all counts.
    - they lost because they have a dreadful federation.
    - they lost because algeria qualified.
    - they lost because the false accusations against the algerian team ketchup use (I was in berlin that day and heard an official egyptian spokesperson say it on the BBC)
    - they lost their reputation in front of the world.
    - they lost cuz not playing in cairo stadium in official qualifiers is very painful symbolically

    that’s wayyy enough for my own justice. more punishment won’t make the scars on lemmouchia, saifi or halliche disappear. heavier punishment will only aggravate the situation.

    please guys. we’re a few days away from the cup. I can assure you my direct entourage in cairo (co-workers, neighbours, friends) are supporting algeria and want to watch the games with me. just the fact that they’re saying this is enough.

    besides it’s completely human and normal that they may get jealous or half satisfied if we get bashed.

    it’s not the end of the world

    yalla. boussa to all (7atta abd – Im in a good mood)

  • Farab

    Yes mubarek may have taken advantage of the opportunity like any other dictator would….. but to imply that this was one big goverment conspiracy is just naive and ignorant….. Sami regardless of what you may think the Egyptian media is relatively free as long as they don’t cross the line abd critsize the goverment too much….. In Egypt we have a major rabid media market rabid I tell you….. I heard many Algerian tv personalities abd news personalities insult Egypt and Egyptians just as disgustingly haramaya masralie agents fir isreal Sami you have to look at both sides we have a much bigger media outlet so yes the insults coming from Egypt were much more accessable perhaps you just decide not to see what was said by your media I don’t know…… Enought with this poor Algeria was attacked by big bad Egypt that’s not the case there is mud on both our hands all you have to do is read hany’s post and omars post and see which side is not moving on…….. I went to watch the game with a bunch of Algerian and morroccan friends do you know what the dj had on after the game a song singing elmasraweya elharameya and welad el rakasa so please enough with this self riteous inocent algerians…. The place was full of Arabs from all over before the end of the game even the neutral observers were all waving palastinian Saudi camerooinian flags supporting Egypt …… The disgusting behavior if your fans made everybody support Egypt including all my wires morrocan family…. I know it’s easier for you to say your right and we are wrong but that’s not the case there is ugliness on both sides the sanctions were fair abd exactly the same thing you got….. Your media is just as disgusting as ours the difference us ours is much bigger …… Did you see what amr adeeb said about the Egyptian team after thru lost to the USA he called them negeseen on thr phone talking directly to them we have a relatively free rabid media that’s how they make their money if you like I can post hus comments yo the egypt team after the USA game to show u it’s not about Algeria that’s what he foes fir a living

  • Bahaa

    Nazim….. You already have in 2001 in a game that meant nothing to algeria…. No stakes what so ever still the fans unproved attacked the Egyptian bus and also during the game attacked the players. Guess what you got the exact same sanctions…… We got. You can continue pretending that the precedent was not established in 2001 in Algeria but it was….. You can continue thinking an attack against Algerian players is a bigger deal than an attack against Egyptian players but as FIFA just showed you it’s not….. To violent crimes against guest coming to play a soccer game both punished the same way…… It’s hypocritical to want bigger sanctions against one federation than the other especialy when the attacks in Algeria were on a much bigger scale… An international game was stopped because of the violence yet the game continued abd only a fine ensued ….. What the difference? Pictures of blood come on your to smart to fall for those no one went to the hospital no one missed the game…. The scratches were allowed to bleed for the cameras but ut didn’t fool FIFA because thankfully they had observers there ……. Same crime same punishment end of story

  • Bahaa this is what amr adeeb said to the egyptian national team after the USA loss…. This is what he does for a living this is how he makes money its not about algeria its about sensationalism…

  • L’Algerienne

    Well said Hicham. I think you and I have succeeded in seeing past the crazy stuff.

    Bottom line, although the sanctions are light. Egypt’s reputation has been shaken (at least a little bit), people can go on saying that they were only scratches, or the injuries were allowed to bleed (with all the respect Bahaa)or we made it all up, the fact that they got any kind of sanctions proves that we did not lie, or make up any stories, like their media and resposible personnel said about the bus being broken from the inside and the whole hammer bullshit, like people carry hammers when they fly. So, yes I am somewhat satisfied and we won so please let’s put this behind us and move on.

    Bahaa, about the Sudan incident there were a bunch of doctors who had the decency to come out on television and say the truth. No one was injured, stupid Ihab Tawfik (I used to love the guy but not anymore) was laughing and surrounded by a bunch of female artists who were never even touch. Let me tell you my friend, Algerians don’t like to tease or intimidate if they wanted to hurt someone they would have sent several bodies to egypt, heck several body PARTS I should say. Trust me on that. They were too happy to cause anything and the sudanese government told you that. Show me pictures of any of your players bleeding before, after or during the game then I will believe something happened there! or at least show me videos of egyptians getting beat up in Sudan then we will talk and I’m not talking stupid stones thrown at people.

  • L’Algerienne

    “The scratches were allowed to bleed for the cameras but ut didn’t fool FIFA because thankfully they had observers there”

    Bahaa, obviously these observers took algeria’s side because FIFA did sanction Egypt

  • Bahaa

    Again l’argeriene it’s not about the injuries Egypt was sanctioned and deserved to be sanctioned because they allowed the algerian bus to be attacked. This about the severity of the sactions and the attacks….. Many algerians are upset about the severity of the sanctions because they believe that the attacks and the injuries were severe they believed the exagerated accounts of the Algerian delegation. Clearly the injuries were minor alhamdulah otherwise the players would have been transfered to a hospital and would not have been cleared to play period . The fact that the scratches were exagerated does not make the attacks any less shameful or disgusting. Thankfully there were FIFA officials there who saw that yes there was a shameful attack but no it was not severe enough to warrant a postponement or a cancellation of the game nor did it warrant a more severe sanction than the Algerian federation recieved in 2001 . Likewise weather there were injuries in Sudan or not is besides the point attacks shameful attacks did take place however it was not in Algeria so they could not be held accountable for anything done on the streets….. It’s over now we got sanction for the attacks just like you got sanctioned gor the attacks in 2001 so it’s over get ready for the world cup. Good luck inshalla you regain your form

  • Uthman

    jsk-ahly is coming soon……lets see if have learned our lesson….honestly, i just dont think so….i hope the authoroties make a good job.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    أعرب الإعلامي أحمد شوبير عن إستيائه الشديد من الأنباء التي أكدت فرحة البعثة المصرية بالعقوبات التي أصدرتها “الفيفا” بحق مصر بعد الإعتداء على بعثة الجزائر في مطار القاهرة قبل ساعات من مباراة الفريقين في الجولة الختامية للتصفيات المؤهلة لكأس العالم.

    وقال شوبير في برنامجه على إذاعة “الشباب والرياضة” أن البعثة المصرية الموجودة بسويسرا لحضور جلسة الإستماع الخاصة بالإعتداءات قد أعربت عن سعادتها الشديدة بعد علمها بالعقوبات التي أقرها “الفيفا”، والتي نصت على نقل مباراتين للمنتخب خارج القاهرة مع توقيع غرامة 100 فرانك سويسري، وهو الأمر الذي أثار إستيائه ذلك أن العقوبة كبيرة أو صغيرة فهي تمثل إدانة لمصر والمصريين.

    وفجر شوبير مفاجأة من العيار الثقيل، عندما أكد أن أحد أعضاء مجلس إدارة الاتحاد المصري قام بالإجتماع مع بعض المشجعين قبل مباراة مصر والجزائر التي أقيمت نوفمبر الماضي، داخل مبنى الاتحاد وطالبهم بمهاجمة البعثة الجزائرية أثناء ذهابها إلى الاستاد.

    ومن جانبه، نفى عمرو وهبي مدير إدارة التسويق بالاتحاد المصري في مكاملة هاتفية مع شوبير صحة ما تردد عن فرحة البعثة المصرية بالعقوبات، مؤكداً أنها في النهاية تعتبر إدانه للجانب المصرى سواء كانت مخففة أو كبيرة.

    وأوضح وهبي أن القضية تمت مناقشتها بناءً على تقارير ما قبل المباراة وأن الجانب الجزائري لم يتقدم بشكوى ضد نظيره المصري أمام “الفيفا”.
    المصدر : –


  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    وشهد شاهد من اهلهم

    وفجر شوبير مفاجأة من العيار الثقيل، عندما أكد أن أحد أعضاء مجلس إدارة الاتحاد المصري قام بالإجتماع مع بعض المشجعين قبل مباراة مصر والجزائر التي أقيمت نوفمبر الماضي، داخل مبنى الاتحاد وطالبهم بمهاجمة البعثة الجزائرية أثناء ذهابها إلى الاستاد.

    AGain, no comments.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO
  • Sami

    I’m starting to think we missed a trick with Benyamina. It must have been a hard decision to leave him out. He is quite prolific, D2 though.

    In case anyone missed Guedioura’s goal. I like him, he’s so unpredictable you have to laugh:

    Addie, Bel, Bougie… like the nicknames… :)

    Oh noooooooooooooo…………..

    Bouazza is out – I swear to God I felt something like that was going to happen to him. So much for showing loyalty to players. So meghni sits on the bench, doesn’t play, doesn’t score and gets no assists, but still gets treatment and a maybe, and Sadaane drops Bouazza who’s team is about to join – why ‘cos he can do a few tricks with the ball. I don’t know – this whole thing doesn’t sit well with me:

    Algeria’s Hameur Bouazza says he is shocked at being left out of his country’s preliminary World Cup squad.

    The Blackpool winger was overlooked despite being one of Algeria’s few established goalscorers.

    Coach Rabah Saadane drafted in three uncapped former French junior internationals, leaving no place for the more established Bouazza.

    “I’ve got nothing against the new players but I’m disappointed with the manager,” Bouazza told BBC Sport.

    “The manager did not call me or come to see me to explain things to me like a professional.

    “I have always worked hard for Algeria – I feel like I have been hit with a baseball bat.”

    Bouazza played in Algeria’s World Cup play-off against Egypt and scored Algeria’s winning goal against Ivory Coast in the quarter-finals of the Africa Cup of Nations.

    “I’ve been through things with them – I should be with the squad and I am not.”

    He insists he has recovered from the groin injury that has dogged him since he returned from Angola.

    “Some other players are injured but they have still been called to the squad and are getting treatment.

    “I do not think my injury is as big as theirs and I think I can still play.”

    Saadane admitted last week he had found selecting his squad “a headache”.

    Bouazza says he will still support Algeria in South Africa and has been comforted by the support of his international colleagues.

    “Some of my team mates are shocked that I have not been called up,” he said.

    Algeria face England, USA and Slovenia in Group C of the World Cup.

  • Sami

    *team is about to join the premiership I meant to say. Blackpool is one game away from promotion to the premiership. Sadaane has really annoyed me now. Bouazza (although not perfect) is a lot better than a lot of guys getting called up, is a decent supplier and is physically hard to disposess, and he’s a very decent guy – thanked Sadaane for believing in him!! after scoring the winning goal against Ivory Coast!?! He should bring on Boudebouz as an impact sub – like Walcott, not as a starter.

  • abd

    I was under the impression that Bouazza was seriously injured and had ZERO chance of making it to the world cup!!
    I never knew he was able to get fit enough for the training camp. I like bouazza, he comes in versus I.C and 3 mins later scores a goal. That is what you want from a substitute, to effect the game and chance the scoreline. He also had good contributions versus Angola and Nigeria. I just feel for him, because he spent most of the Qualifiers in the bench with no fuss and no complaining -unlike Lemmouchia- but here he is discarded like he did nothing for the team. At least Raho, Zaoui, Babouch, and Bezzaz will be invited to South Africa all expenses paid to follow the team. How about Bouazza?!

    I just hope there is more elaboration on this issue in the near future, Saadane needs to clear things up.

  • Sami

    Commentary I thought was interesting:

    Not to break your heart but this is why england will not will the world cup –
    First, the big picture. This English team is almost man-for-man the same English team that failed to qualify for the 2008 Euro tournament. And yes, Steve McLaren (who, by the way, seems to be doing a great job in the Netherlands) has been replaced by Fabio Capello as manager. And yes, England easily won its WCQ group. But, putting aside the fact that its group consisted of some of the weakest sisters that Europe has to offer, the fact is that in friendlies against quality opponents, Capello’s record is strikingly similar to McClaren’s.

    Next the Players – GOALKEEPER – David James,Paul Robinson, Rob Green Ugh. Are either of these three journeyman keepers in the top ten of the EPL? Let alone World Cup?
    Center Defence – Great but getting old WIDE DEFENCE – Ashley Cole – Good and Glen Johnson not so good nobody mixes Johnson up with the best right back in the world. Or the best in the EPL. plan B ummm. WES BROWN, GARY NEVILLE hahahaha

    Center Midfield – Great I like Lampard and Gerrard they are perfect together
    Wide Midfielders Right Side – Lennon will be probably be holding down the right wing. LEFT SIDE ??? That slot has been filled by a bunch of people playing out of position lately, including Gerrard, Michael Carrick and whatever other warm body that can be found.

    STRIKERS – Rooney of course he is one of the best in the world
    Fortunately for England’s opponents, they can afford to mark him well because England’s other striker is…..Jermain Defoe? Michael Owen?Oh God, not Emile Heskey? Yes, that Jermain Defoe. The one who has bounced from mid-level EPL team to mid-level EPL team over the past decade.
    Mabye Theo Walcott but with all his injuries, we have not seen that great form in a while.

    Of course, none of this will really matter until that black day this summer when England again crashes out of the World Cup.

  • Sami

    Yeah abd – I hope so. Really annoys me, like this guy didn’t go through enough ups and downs in his life. He gets signed for EPL – his father dies. He stops playing football. Gets back in D2 – gets into the national team, algeria goes to world cup, blackpool (against all odds) potentially goes to the EPL. And Saadane ditches him. Hope Saadane changes his mind. I’ve been critical of Bouazza at times, but he’s a worker and a constant threat. He has scored against a lot of great teams, Chelsea, Man U etc… hope he makes the cut.

  • Sami
  • abd

    “Center Midfield – Great I like Lampard and Gerrard they are perfect together”

    This is supposed to be sarcastic, right??

    Fabio’s English team still hasn’t proven itself against Quality opponents like Spain and Brazil. They where beaten and out played by both of those teams. Will they make it out of this group?? yes. Will they win the world cup?? not necessarily.

  • L’Algerienne

    DZMOULOUDIA, nice articles…I heard that shobir is getting fired over that. I even think they shut down his program…is that true?

  • hicham

    if there’s a man to completely respect, it’s Alaa Sadek who since the beginning accused the FEF of manipulations.

    shoubeir on the other hand, has a very particular agenda. he wants to be the president of the FEF and even further than that politically… I don’t like him personally.

    but anyway, chapeau bas to shoubeir for ‘expecting’ the events back in october and initiating “warda le koll jazairi” and doubting early on the allegations. but everything he says is timed to have the most powerful impact as seen in his latest accusations.

    I’m really over this horseshit. honestly.

    meghni’s latest footage transported me elsewhere…

  • hicham

    here’s a typical reaction that u’d find around cairo since yesterday (taken from nazim’s last link – thx btw):

    كل يوم بنصحى على واقع وحقيقة مرة تصدمنا لأنها عكس كل ما تم تلقينه لنا من الحكومة.. فهمونا أن مصر أم الدنيا وأتارى الدنيا ليها أمهات أحلى بكثير.. فهمونا إن مصر ليها ثقلها والكل بيحترمها ولاقينا مصريين بيضربوا بالجزم وبيتقتلوا فى الشوارع زى الكلاب وملهش دية.. فهمونا إن إحنا أحسن بلد في الدنيا ولما سافرنا لاقينا إن إحنا بلد متخلف ومتأخر وسلوكيات شعبه في الشارع اليومية تعكس ها التخلف والتأخر عن المجتمع الحضاري.لقد صوروا الأتوبيس وأن الجزائر بتتبلى علينا وإن إحنا عندنا الحق كله .. وأدي الفيفا غرمتنا.. دلوقتي بيفهمونا إن مصر حقوقها محفوظة في مياه النيل والواقع بيقول إن دول إفريقيا اللي المفروض أنهم أكثر مننا تخلفا أدونا على أفانا وكمان 100 قلم على سهوة وراحوا عملوا اتفاق مع بعض.”إن ما فعله زاهر بمصر والمصريين يستحق أن يقدم لمحاكمه عاجله لأنه تعمد مع سبق الإصرار والترصد الإساءة للعلاقة بين الشعبين المصري والجزائري والتي نعانى من نتائجها حتى هذه اللحظة، إن المدعو زاهر كذب عن عمد وأخفى الحقائق وهو الآن يتكلم عن كرامة مصر والمصريين ، مع أنه أول من داس عليها وضلل الشعب المصري بكذبه وظهوره بمظهر الحمل الوديع.”يعني قال إنه مجهز ملف ورايحين جايين على حسابنا لسويسرا، وفي الآخر راجع بعقوبات!!! فين بقى ملف أم درمان ولا دي برضه خدعة يا كابتن سمير!!!”

  • DZMouloudiaMCO


    Shobeir is just another hypocrite, the only respectable figure in the Egyptian Media is Dr. Alaa Sadik.

    Shobeir was sued by Mansor Mourtada ( EX head OF Zamelek) for defamation, and as a result of that , he was banned from appearing in Alhayat TV, and the station itself was off the air for 2 days, but he recently signed for OTV ( Sawaris Channal) but Mortada is threatening to shut OTV over that.
    To make the story short, Shobeir is another SOB, the only reason he defended Algeria, is because he haD and still has an agenda against the EFF.
    He was welcomed with flowers in Algerian…..etc and just after the Sudan game, he started saying that he regretted his visit to Algeria……..etc.
    There is an expression for that in Egypt, its called يركب الموجه, now that its a proven fact that the EEF was behind the attack, all the Egyptian Media is criticizing the EEF and talking about الجزائرالشقيقه and even Shalbi is promising to welcome the JSK at the Airport, but as we say it in Algeria, AWW FAKOU.

  • Kazi

    hahaha Nazim

  • Hisham

    By abd | May 18th, 2010 at 7:31 pm
    ” My hate towards your kind runs deeper then this football game. What happened before November the 18th was no more then an assurance, that decent Egyptians no longer exist. And if they do I have never met one of them!”


    Except for the hate driven abd above, good job every one else with the debate.

    BTW.. Kazi.. great logos! You have mad skills man!! Are you up for designing new company logos?

  • L’Algerienne

    Wallah le fakou…7esbina neklou min wednina….bessa7 sha ndirou, hedek ma helbet el bagra khoya nazim.

  • abd

    واشنهي تلميتوا قع على بالسبان
    واحد يقولي جاهل اللوخر يقول حاب يضربني و يطيح بالقدر و العرض؟
    و علاه كيناقشت الراي تاعي و ماعجبكمش الديروا هاكظ؟

    و يا سي هيشام يا اخي متفاهمناش هكظ!

  • sami

    @hicham – good job on the debate?
    What website was that on?? :)

    So what’s the story with meghni? I am totally ambivalent towards whether he goes to south africa or not. He slows the pace of the game down too much injured. Look at the qualifiers and look at him during CAN. He pretty much walked during the whole game.
    Does algeria have a right back yet?

    Who said ziani left switzerland. Haven’t seen anything about that anywhere.

  • hicham

    hada hiSham wahed akhor.

    bon… khlass kraht we melleet mel hadra 3la masr we dzair.

    ah… 7agga… eli hdar 3lih shoubeir howa mahmoud el shamy wakila. howa el khamej el kbir 7ashako fi la federation lehna fe masr. aktar men samir zaher.

    aya. barakollah fiko. dok nro7 nshouf el sheikhs saadane wou raouraoua fi al jazeera sport.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    Fifa has changed the rules in regards of penalty takers feinting the goal keeper.

    “Penalty-takers at the World Cup will no longer be able to feint just before kicking the ball.

    The ruling by the International Football Association Board yesterday follows a growing trend in Brazil.

    Players who feint as they are about to kick will be booked, but in the run-up feinting is allowed. In an ugly incident at the Africa Cup of Nations, Algeria keeper Faouzi Chaouchi attacked the referee after Egypt’s Hosni Abd Rabou feinted before his spot-kick went in during their semi-final.

  • Kazi

    Haha, thanks Hicham. Yh I’m very much up for designing new logos.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    here we go again, Shobeir’s accusations بصوت وبصوره
    Now, that’s what we call ارهاب دوله!

  • hicham

    whoa.. just saw an interview with some algerian guy in johannesburg.. he was wearing the new puma jersey


    it had AL JAZAIR beautifully written on the chest///

    so is this the final one?? or was it there? i doubt it.

    so now what? the thousands that bought theirs w/o al-jazair are gonna burn and loot every puma store?

    a scam.. innit?

    I, for myself, like this design with the arabic al jazair on it. Im pretty tempted… good to walk around cairo on hot afternoons.


  • Sami

    Algeria always seems to change FIFA rules. 3 points for a win was introduced after the W.Germany-Austria match and now the booking for feigning a penalty. Good stuff. Well done FIFA!

  • hicham

    well sami.. I need to rectify something here… we have to give some credit to egypt too and mahmoud el gohary in 1990 in particular. 2 rules!!!

    1 – you cannot play a ball back to yr goalkeeper with yr foot after egypt gave back the only corner kick they got against ireland back to shoubeir in 2 or 3 passes.

    2 – the 3 point rule was introduced after gohary tried to paralyze the group and tie every single game. so they increased the points gained when you win to 3 instead of two.

    what algeria changed in 1982 was that the third game of a group is played simultaneously.

  • abd

    Also Sami, that the final games of the group stage are played at the exact same time. I don’t like that rule alot, you usually miss a potential good game, for a better one.

    The good thing is that this time there are no loop holes that will kick us out. Inshallah demi-finale ;)

  • Sami

    Never thought I’d see the day! You know things have changed when you see this:

  • Kazi

    apparently Kadir is impressing massively at Crans-Montana. Even Ziani and Belhadj are astounded. Could it be that we overlooked him unfairly?

  • Sami


  • hicham

    dont believe elheddaf kazi.. they’re just trying to show that they were right. but he’s probably good anyway. mesbah and medjani seem to be amazing too.

    everything converges towards bellaid’s departure.

  • abd

    There has been talk that Bougherra, Halliche, Yebda and Lahcen, wont’s be talking part in the Ireland game. What also concerns me was that Halliche trained next to Meghni in the video footage. Does this mean his injury is as “complicated” as Mourad’s?

  • Kazi

    Sami: LeButeur
    Hicham: It seems so.
    Abd: Bougherra, Halliche, Yebda and Lacen probs won’t play to begin with, to try and test people out. They almost definitely will get game time though. Halliche’s injury is not as complicated as Meghni’s. It’s just standard routine that all injured players train together.

    Finally, it seems that the 5 reserve players will only be called up in case of an injury. This may eradicate all chances of seeing LHA at the WC. But insha Allah things will have changed, somehow, maybe he goes. Not trying to say I want anyone injured, but I desperately want LHA in.

  • Sami

    @ abd – that might be a good idea. Make sure they’re in peak condition – they’ve played enough games anyway.

    @ hicham – whats your source?

    Meghni – everybody’s worked out how to neutralise him now. Impact sub – I’d rather have mesbah or kadir on the field.

  • Sami

    Who is this guy?

    «Des membres de la fédération ont programmé l’attaque du bus algérien avec la complicité de certains supporters»
    Au cours de l’émission radio «La jeunesse et le sport», le journaliste sportif et ancien portier de la sélection égyptienne de football, Ahmed Shoubeïr, a lâché une bombe qui a fait vibrer la presse égyptienne. Dans ses déclarations, Shoubeïr a accusé les responsables de la Fédération égyptienne de football d’être derrière le caillassage du bus algérien, le 12 novembre dernier. Il dira à ce sujet : «Des membres de la Fédération égyptienne de football se sont réunis avec des supporters au siège même de la fédération pour programmer l’attaque contre le bus qui a transporté les joueurs algériens. Les responsables de notre football sont complices dans cette affaire.»
    «Tout a été manigancé dès le début»
    Dans le même contexte, Shoubeïr ajoutera : «J’ai des preuves à l’appui que tout a été manigancé dès le départ.» Il faudrait dire que cette déclaration a suscité plusieurs réactions, notamment du côté de la Fédération égyptienne de football. Plusieurs de ses membres ont démenti cette information. Ce qui a ouvert la voie à la presse locale à parler de ce scandale depuis un bon bout de temps. Le couteau a été remué dans la plaie suite au verdict de la FIFA qui est tombé avant-hier.
    «La sanction de la FIFA est plus que clémente»
    Concernant le verdict de la FIFA qui est tombé avant-hier, l’ancien portier de la sélection des Pharaons estime que l’Egypte s’en est bien sortie de cette affaire, car la sanction aurait pu être plus sévère. Il dira à ce sujet : «J’estime que le verdict de la FIFA a été plus que clément. Jouer deux matchs à l’extérieur du Caire et une amande financière n’est pas très lourd comme sanction.»
    Chebana : «Nous avons vécu une mise en scène des responsables de la FEF»
    Pour sa part, le journaliste égyptien, Chebana, a tiré à boulets rouges sur le président de la Fédération égyptienne de football, Samir Zaher, en l’accusant d’avoir menti à propos des attaques contre le bus algérien. Il dira à ce sujet : «Zaher a menti au peuple égyptien. Il tient un discours contradictoire. Alors qu’il n’a jamais reconnu les faits, il déclare aujourd’hui qu’il y a bien eu attaque contre le bus algérien. Nous avons assisté durant plusieurs mois à une véritable mise en scène des responsables de la FEF qui n’ont fait que fuir leurs responsabilités.»

    Lire la suite:

  • Sami

    Do you think algerians might one day try to learn to say things without writing literature…

    Meghni a retapé dans un ballon. Le feuilleton Meghni n’est pas prêt de voir d’épilogue lors de ce stage, malgré les bonnes ondes qui parviennent, par moments, à nos idées ténébreuses.”

    Lire la suite:

  • L’algerienne

    I want to see more of this from my people. Aya hadi fi khater ga3 el khawa fi hed el blog….and yes Abd even you, this is for you too.

    My son’s favorite video…lol

  • hicham

    ha ha.. everytime I read le buteur, I think the same. what a ridiculous rag… trying to sound poetic!!

    who’s this guy? I just posted it earlier bel darja… the dirtiest man around here.

    dirtier than zaher.. can u imagine?

  • hicham

    amazing lalgerienne… what a day… I guess everyone’s gonna remember where he/she was on that day. I was in Barbes, Paris… I saw the game with a french friend in a cafe. the sight in the streets after the final whistle was surreal… even that friend who’s never impressed said

    wow.. ca a vraiment de la gueule!

    of course I ditched him and did not go watch the french game against ireland afterwards.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    Here is my favorite Video.

  • abd

    Alert Zizou is sneaking into our training camp!

  • L’algerienne

    Haha, I remember I was at work. My coworkers, they head the game online and they were updating me every now and then. I was shaking and I couldn’t even look at the screen…lol When the game was over wallahi, my knees gave in and the guy standing next to me gave me a chair…I’m not kidding, I started crying right away. Immediately, I heard someone say “you have a phone call, it’s your husband” and the whole lab went “oohhhhhhhhhh no, he didn’t”. He called to say congratulations to me…lol What a day that was. I called my dad but he hung up on me because he was screaming and he had no words to say…lol

  • L’algerienne

    Wow Nazim, that is some old I don’t think I was born yet through some of How old are you?

  • Uthman

    thanx for the link DZ….very nice video, did realy touched me.
    the tears cam down automaticly, i dont know why…i realy cant explain it, but everytime i see something like that i just get this feeling in my heart area, a realy strange feeling, it also hurts a little, but its a sweet pain.
    you wanna see me cry?? just show me the germany82 game, and there i go again!!! i never cry when algeria looses, i usualy get mad than, because mostly someone didnt his job right…but when we win, i just have to cry… may sounds starnge, but i hope a got a lot of reasons to cry for next month;-)

  • Dzmouloudia

    You welcome guys, I click on that link at least twice a day;)
    I am 32.

  • http://canada hacen
  • http://canada hacen

    just for fun
    how remember boualem tirich

  • Kazi

    Guys, reports coming out of france on LeButeur saying that Feghouli has decided to play for Algeria after the WC. This comes after an interview with his Grenoble manager and him signing a contract with Valencia.

  • abd

    I like the move he made to Valencia. He was given David Villa number 7 shirt, and with David Silva probably on the move to Real Madrid, Feghouli will play a bigger role with his new team.

    Boudebouz once told a newspaper that he is sure Feghouli will play for the national team, let’s hope it’s true.

  • hicham

    yeh saw it… but elheddaf…

    however; i liked this one article here:

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    EN : Rabah Saâdane fait le point sur la préparation

  • Kazi

    Hicham, if anyone’s going to be the captain it’s between 3, Ziani, Bougherra and Yahia.

    And seeing as there is only 25 in Switzerland, it’s much easier to cut 2. For me, these two will be Zemmamouche (Has to be 1 keeper) and Abdoun. Too many midfielders will see him get cut.

    If Meghni doesn’t make it (b3eid shar), then I think we should all pray that it is Lazhar Hadj-Aissa, not Chadli Amri who takes his place.

    I just cannot wait until September, when the CAN qualifiers start.

  • abd

    I really want Meghni on the plane to South Africa, but the problem is that Saadane is willing to take him even if he is 70% ready, Which in the world cup is not an ideal thing to do.

  • Kazi

    Guys. Seeing as how more and more talented Algerian players are coming up, who do you reckon will be in the 2014 WC squad Insha Allah and who do you think from this squad will not be going?

  • L’Algerienne


    Your video of boualem tirich reminds me of the 15 to 20 minutes before el’ftour fi ramdan…they always played that or after salat el eid…does anyone think so? Thank you

  • Sami

    @ kazi “I just cannot wait until September, when the CAN qualifiers start.”

    slightly bigger event before then. :) I know what you mean though.

    sorry guys, but apart from ivory coast where the assits wre from ziani and mansouri, has algeria ever won a game with MM on the pitch?

  • hicham

    nah man… we all know MM’s potential and dream to see it ‘blossom’ in june…

    yes kazi. I cant wait to see the next phase…

  • Kazi

    Lol, Sami I meant because thats when all the pieces of the Jigsaw should be in place insha Allah.

    This should interest you:
    At the end of training, the teams were split into two, the main point is that Ziani, Belhadj, Mansouri, Chaouchi , Ghezzal, Laifaoui and Abdoun were all on one team. The opposing team had Kadir, Guedioura, Matmour, Mesbah, Bellaid, Lacen and Gaouaoui on theirs. (Kebir joined in as there wasn’t enough players.) The second team won, astoundingly, by 8-0!!!!!! 3 goals from Kadir, 3 goals from Matmour and 2 from Mesbah. It seems pretty clear that Kadir and Mesbah will be on the plane to SA.

  • Kazi

    Have any of you guys seen the media around Algeria? They aren’t treating them like any of the other long shots. Every week on BBC Sport there’s a new story on them. It almost makes it seem like they’re half interested in us.

  • Kazi

    oh! Sami! Khartoum. Meghni was playing!

  • Kazi

    Oh btw, does anyone here play Pro Evolution Soccer? If so, listen up.

    Guedioura’s official rating from Konami is … 77!!!
    This is taken into consideration when Yebda is rated 74 and Nasri at 79!!!!

    He’s gotta have been something pretty special back in Belgium

  • hicham

    hey kazi.. i think it was 8-5 man…

  • Kazi

    8-5 is still an astonishing score. Makes you feel jealous doesn’t it? I wish I could be there playing with them.

  • hicham

    somehow yeh. the interesting bit is that the 5 were scored by belhadj and ghezzal I believe.

    the winning of the two will most probably be the main structure against ireland.

    omar? can we please start a new thread? anything… like crans-montana – WEEK II or something.

    this egypt thing is just a downer.. esp. that Im being forcedfed with it all day long in here.

    meghni played cairo nov 14th too. I somewhat consider that game a ’success’…

  • abd

    Forget Inter Milan versus Bayern Munich. The more important game :) is ES Setif vs Mouloudia D’Alger, this game is the Algerian league title decider, should be a great game, as security check points have started even before wilayet El bourj !!!!

    I hope El Wifaq win this one.

  • hicham

    yeh agreed. forget about inter and bayern.. they’re dreadful and none of the two ever won an african cup.

    I hope:

    - mouloudia wins
    - zamalek beats fayoum (equivalent to ouargla) today
    - nabaroh (equivalent of bordj menayel) beats ahly tonite.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO


    هاد عام شامبيونا

    the security check points are baring Chenawa from getting to Setif, what a shame.

  • L’Algerienne

    Where did you get that Nazim…msakin!!!

  • Kazi

    I agree, it’s gonna be a great game. I hope Setif wins. Then it will be an amazingly tense end to the season, and also because I’m a Setif Supporter.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    Nothing official, but from different chat rooms and blogs.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    Equipe nationale d’Algérie en Suisse : dernières nouvelles 21/05/2010

  • Kazi

    Does anyone know what time the ESS – MCA match is starting?

  • hicham

    mbrouk khouya kazi

    metref…. awesome..

  • Kazi

    HAHAHA!!!! Ya3tik Saha Hicham! Gotta love him.
    Oh btw, after those logos I made, I’ve started on a re-design of Stade 5 Juillet. I got jealous of countries like England, Spain, Egypt, Argentina, even Somalia (in the near future) have stadiums that hold around or over 100,000. As 5 Juillet’s official capacity is 60,000, I wanted to give it a redesign, and, as I am hoping to become an Architect, have decided to make it my personal project. So far I’ve increased capacity to 120,000, more than the great Nou Camp, and given it a whole new shape and facade.

  • Kazi

    apparently, there’s a new Algerian to look out for. His name’s Fouad Bouguerra. Plays in the Hungarian championship, nothing much to say but 6 Goals in 2 Games!!!

  • abd

    I heard about Fouad, initially I thought he was Magic’s younger brother. I heard that his team recently got relegated, the good news is that he might be moving to France, which will expose him more to the Algerian public.

  • nyer

    Hey Everyone, lol just something about Fouad.

    I looked him up, he is 29 years old, already part of the Algerian national, so, i don’t know if we’ll be taking him.

  • hicham

    you know that in their heyday, 5 juillet and cairo stadium held 110,000 and 120,000 respectively.

    i.e. egypt vs algeria nov. 1989, there were 120,000 in the stadium. now due to new standards and safety measures, they had to place chairs and the capacity went down to 80,000. probably the same happened in 5 juillet.

    the disastrous pitch is 5 jullet’s biggest problem.


    nice interview here… ghezzal rightfully praised!

  • Kazi

    I found an Algerian Striker who plays for Lens by the name of Abdelhakim Omrani. 19, only 2 appearances, interesting that Chelsea and AC Milan are supposedly watching him.

  • hicham

    some live mesbah action


  • Sami

    Thanks Hicham – kolo toure’s a great guy, someone needed to say that. Ghezzal is underestimated – he runs the defense ragged, holds the ball up, allows his team to rest – wins freekicks – amongst them the freekick that ziani took, 1-2 with meghni, leading to antar yahia’s goal. He’s a solid player. Needs to link up better with djebbour. I am starting to think 3-5-2 isn’t such a bad formation for algeria after all. Very tricky isn’t it? Do you play with 2 defensive midfielders or 2 forwards?

  • abd

    When I watched Diego Milito yesterday, I thought it’s funny how last year this player was in Genoa, when he should have been in a champions league final scoring winning goals. Ghezzal can become a great player, but he was to start scoring goals. Even Capello, is thinking about this. Reports say that he might go for a 4-5-1, with Rooney as the lone striker, and Gerrard supporting Rooney, as he does with Torres in Liverpool. He doesn’t seem to be convinced with Heskey, Crouch and Defoe -Wouldn’t mind having any of the last 2 in my team.
    Tomorrow England Vs Mexico at Wembley, a great opportunity to see England’s new tactics.

  • Kazi

    0-0 in the Lecce Game. seems as though it was a waste of time really.

  • http://canada hacen

    i found this link interesting,
    international friendly schedule and where you can watch them
    of course our opponent england, usa and slovenia

  • http://canada hacen
  • hicham

    so is lecce in serie A now? mesbah couldve just stayed in switzerland tho the dude is quite excellent to be honest. i watched some of the game, he hardly loses the ball and is fast. no wonder he’s seen as the perfect belhadj sub.

    very curious to see england tomorrow too…

  • Kazi

    I don’t understand why people think he’s a defender! He’s an attacking mid that can play on the wings by nature. But still, he is very very good. Been watching him for quite some time now, even when he had his curly hair :) Excellent impact sub, and IMO, Ziani’s heir. Kadir, Mesbah, Boudebouz, Feghouli and Guedioura could just become Algeria’s next big midfield force. And my word, what a force.

  • hicham

    :) so is lecce in serie A?

  • Kazi

    yeah they should be Hicham. Nonetheless, Fiorentina will ensure both Matmour and Mesbah go there as well.

  • Kazi

    M’Bohli is very impressive from what I’ve seen

  • hicham

    mesbah in fiorentina?? i didnt know this…

    has anyone seen dzfoot’s latest video of the algerians fans in crans-montana? absolutely MENTAL

    watch it til the end… it’s almost horrifying!!

  • Kazi

    I know, I saw it too. But it was unnecessary. And it’s not needed before a WC, when Algeria is the only Arab, Maghreb and Muslim nation in it, for us to go on and start making people we represent get angry at us. But anyway. The video is great.

    Hicham! Mesbah’s been on Fiorentina’s radar ever since he joined Lecce. Matmour’s been on their’s ever since he said he would like to go to Serie A or La Liga.

    I have a feeling that Belhadj, Bougherra, Ziani, Yebda and Halliche are gonna make big moves this summer, especially Belhadj and Yebda. This WC will provide brilliant exposure to Algerian players insha Allah. And with a good performance, we can even see them in the top clubs around Europe.

  • abd

    I think Mesbah is better Defensively then Belhadj. I wouldn’t mind seeing both of them play, with Mesbah as LB and Belhadj as a Left winger. Especially when playing England, who will have Walcott, and maybe Jamie Carragher on their right. Belhadj’s speed could do wonders.

  • hicham

    yes… i regretted posting this. thx for yr wisdom omar. i appreciate it

  • hicham

    oh.. I posted this thinking that the algeria vs morocco quotes were removed. i still regret reproducing that miserable crap..

  • Kazi


  • abd

    Ok Kazi, I understand your point. But why do you think Saadane bought him to the team? He is going to be Belhadj’s sub. Recently he has played as a left-back, and clearly does a good job, his club asking to have him back for one decisive game. I am sure that he would rather have a more offensive role up field, then to defend, but as with all national teams, sometimes players have to fill in positions they are not used to.

  • Kazi

    Then it can only suggest one thing. We’re preparing for a 3-5-2. Back to the Blida formation. Yahia (If fit), Bougherra and Halliche in the back line. Boudebouz and Belhadj operating as wingbacks. Yebda and Mansouri(Although I’d rather Guedioura) in the middle with Ziani attacking. Then Ghezzal and Djebbour up front with Ghezzal supplying. This is probs gonna be used against Slovenia and at some point against the USA.

  • Kazi

    Boudebouz can be switched for Matmour as well.

  • Sami

    OK OK – I’m an obsessive nut when it comes to problem solving! I’ve watched Meghni for literally hours on end. Conclusion: he doesn’t build up an attack. He doesn’t know how. All he knows how to do is beat his man, but that leaves him bruised and injured as he is tackled hard. Or he tries a long ball – he just isn’t a threat. Does he have enough humility to learn from Ziani? Belhadj, a great player – positional sense needs improving – but he doesn’t provide anything other than aerial crosses, so needs to pass to Boudebouz or whoever is on the left wing to thread it through especially to someone like Djebbour, i.e. go on the outside and cut it back instead of trying to provide all the time. I wish we had Al-Muhammadi as RB. That guy is very effective – look at the way he gets up and threads the ball through. How about Yahia and Bellaid as CB and Bougherra RB? I noticed Medjani didn’t take part in that game…

  • Sami

    Kazi he’s not a ziani replacement. He’s a left sided attacking midfield. Most teams play with 1 defensive mifield. So playing 2 defensive midfields, you can have for example:


    But if you only play one, which is optimal to increase your attack for example:


    So Mesbah gets the ball from Ziani runs it forward aggressively, can pass to the wing, or back to Ziani to continue the attack or thread it through to the forwards, or take a shot on goal. He can play as a winger but thats not optimal for him because he has pace, but likes to keep his options open – for lack of a better way of putting it.

    This is a necessary addition to the team – it gives Saadane options, you can play Boudebous-Lacen-Ziani-Matmour with Yebda behind in a 4-1-4-1 or replace Lacen with Mesbah and be more offensive. As mesbah is not a playmaker he and Ziani won’t get in each other’s way – you can’t have 2 guys trying to be the boss, doesn’t work. Works with Arsenal where the midfielders are all short, technical players: arshavin, nasri, fabregas…

    In short Saadane will bring Mesbah, probably Kadir as well, he wants Meghni but has no idea where to play him especially as Boudebouz wears the number 10 for Sochaux but is predominently left footed. That means he adds more dimensions on the left by being to play as a traditional winger, or cut in and supply. Since he’s not next to ziani you don’t have a problem of overlapping responsibilities.

    Anyway – all that boring stuff means I can’t see a rol for meghni except as impact sub for boudebouz. if meghni was fit and on form it would be the other way around. so if Algeria makes it through (Inshallah) to the next round and is trailing late in the game, you take off Lacen and play Mesbah – if its still going bad, you go for broke, take off yebda and put kadir on – full attacking midfield. That’s risky, but these guys can hold up the ball, unlike LHA who yo can pnly play as a winger and he can be amazing, or pass the ball to the opposition.

    Goodnight, tired now. :) very late where I am… can’t wait for 28th I’m taking some friends to an algerian restaurant to watch the ireland friendly – as soon as we walk in I’m shouting ‘yagama3a – hathu huma li armou al hjar 3ala ouled bladna’ turn to my friends ‘wa3lah 3alikum… mush 7ram 3alaikum ahhh?’ shaking my head, Ive never set foot in the place, so I’m keen to see what happens. Probably music stops, guys playing pool and the ball stops…. :)

  • Kazi

    HAHAHAAHA SAMI. You don’t want to kill you friends ;) . Anyway, whereabouts are you gonna watch it? Cricklewood, Finsbury Park? I hope to go either home or cricklewood.

    Oh btw, that fully attacking midfield looks vicious. Boudebouz-Mesbah-Ziani-Kadir-Matmour. I reckon even England will find that tough.

  • Kazi
  • Kazi

    what complete and utter idiocy. Ghilas isn’t even in the setup, not even being considered. Moving on from that, second round a definite out?! Bear in mind that our most likely opponent is Germany…and by Allah do we have a score to settle. The guy who wrote this is clearly an Optimistic England fan who loves his country so much and probably only saw Algeria on BBC 3 in the ACN semi final.

    What I would do to see England knocked out in the group stage. A loss to the USA and a loss to Algeria. AH! BEAUTIFUL!

  • Sami

    What do you expect. No one is objective when it comes to a sports team they support. England is a very good team, the best in the group – but who knows. The gap is closing between teams these days. Very hard to call. I am pretty confident Ivory Coast will make it to the quarter finals at least.

  • DZMouloudiaMCO

    Entrainement à Sion : Chants de Supporters et séquences de jeu

  • abd

    Algerian fans are becoming a little bit abusive, bur what can you do they love their team :)

    I just hope this doesn’t interfere with any of their training.

  • Mourad

    Hello guys, here ( is the schedule of Algeria matches… they will be great if anybody wants to add some fotos or vidéos^^

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